Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mini Quarter-Life Crisis

Last night I suddenly had a little freak-out.

Thankfully one of my roommates was out and the other one had just gone to bed.

All of a sudden I realized that I finally became a "big girl".  And for some reason that made me feel like I was all alone.

I just started my new job (salary, not hourly pay, and benefits!) on Wednesday at DK and that involved paperwork.  Which included W-something tax forms.

And for the first time ever, "no one else can claim me as a dependent."

I'm officially independent!

And in my late-night mind last night, that somehow went from being awesome and exciting to completely scaring me.  Seriously, I started pacing around my bedroom and maybe even shed a few tears.  I looked my ugly-crying face in the mirror and asked myself why I felt like this.

And I realized it was because I was completely exhausted and couldn't even think straight.

So I went to bed.

And today I felt a lot better =)

Hope you saw Channing Tatum on SNL tonight!! Mmmmm....

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