Sunday, May 15, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  I'm glad you're here  =) A little bit more about me.... I graduated from Purdue (Boiler Up!) in December 2009 with my BA in Public Relations & Advertising and minors in French and History.  Yes, that meant I read a lot of books, wrote TONS of papers and can speak the world's prettiest language!  It was great though, I joined a sorority my freshman year and was super involved on campus all 4 years (my last semester consisted of nothing but class, my part-time job and applying/interviewing for life in the 'real world'), doing stuff like the Student Union Board, Dance Marathon, Panhellic, honors societies and more.  But I absolutely LOVE Purdue-- I could sing Hail Purdue (the fight song) around the same time I learned my ABCs-- and had a fantastic college career there!
This is the Liberal Arts fountain, and the three buildings behind it are where I spent most of my class time at Purdue

That's also where I met my fantastic boyfriend of over two years.  Boyfie and I worked together near campus and have been doing the long distance thing since I graduated a year and a half ago.  Let me tell you, for anyone who thinks distance relationships sound easy-- THEY'RE NOT!!!  Thank God for Skype, that's definitely the next best thing to being with Boyfie in person =)
Boyfie and me at Christmas

I moved home after graduating (home = Chicago suburbs) and still haven't saved up/been making enough to move out.  This of course hasn't stopped me from bookmarking every piece of furniture, organization tool, paint color and bedspread that I plan to buy to furnish my future apartment!  A few months after I moved back home, my brother decided university life wasn't for him and came home too.  Little Bro is 3 1/2 years younger than me but over half a foot taller (since I'm not even 5'5") and we usually get along pretty well.  Usually.
Anyway, since moving home I've decided to get my college butt back into shape!  I started running last summer and finished my first race, the Chicago Half Marathon 5K, in September.  I've lost 15 lbs since I started running, and now work out 5-6 days a week.  I'm still not bored though!  I've found a combo of weights, cardio and yoga that is manageable for my schedule-- and a gym that has locations 1 block from my office and 2 miles from my house.
I can't wait to share my journey through my 20s with you!  Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a great week =)

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