Thursday, June 23, 2011

Absolutely Adorable:!

Hi, My name is Jules and I can't resist anything personalized or monogrammed.  (Hi Jules.)

Seriously, if they had rehab for people who love their name/initials on their stuff, I should be the first person to sign up.  Instead, I keep finding websites and shops that cater to my obsession.

The newest one I found is ShopGlitzyGlam, a website run by two sisters who love to blog about beauty and fashion on their self-titled blog, Elle & Blair.  [Warning: addiction may occur!]

On ShopGlitzyGlam, you can totally customize everything from makeup bags to spa items to lunch bags and more!  Of course they also have some things that aren't 100% custom, but even those give you several options to choose from- including Lilly stuff and jewelry.

And my favorite little detail about their stuff?  Most of it comes with ribbon =)

Speaking of favorite, here are the three things I want most from their shop!

I love this color combo!  It's the light pink waffle weave makeup case (perfect for throwing in your purse) with the turquoise polka dot ribbon and turquoise personalization, and as much as I love O-M-G-double-H-K-P, I'd probably still choose Jules =)

I also love these headbands.  I need headbands when I wash my face before bed, and I think the hot pink headband with a bright orange J on it would make me extra motivated to stick to my routine!

Another love of mine: wine!  Lucky for me, Boyfie's a fan, too, though I'm not sure he would want one of these-- but I certainly do!  I think sky blue and yellow would be perfect =)
So those are just a few examples of the absolutely adorable products on the ShopGlitzyGlam website.  Once I find a new job (fingers crossed!) I'll probably end up spending half my first paycheck on the stuff above!

Have a great Thursday =)


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